About Us

Practicing Since 1981

Malcolm Burrell, the principal of M G Burrell Wills & Probate, has delivered quality legal services for almost 40 years.

His clients include individuals, clients of other legal practices, accounting practices, financial advisors and trustee companies.

Malcolm has wide ranging experience in the areas of:

Wills and estate planning (including more complex Wills incorporating testamentary discretionary trusts)

deceased estate litigation including challenges to Wills

powers of attorney (including Enduring Financial, General and Corporate)

appointment of Medical Decision Makers

deceased estate administration including obtaining grants of Probate and other forms of Grants

challenges to Wills

advice regarding trusts

Malcolm holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Jurisprudence from Monash University. He also holds a postgraduate Master’s degree in law from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

With a long history of delivering legal services through other well-known firms in country Victoria and in the wider Melbourne city and metropolitan areas, he has also gained extensive Court appearance experience in a broad range of related legal fields.

Our Priority

As a boutique legal practice, we are ideally positioned to provide you with highly personalised level of expertise of the very highest standard.

Offering legal services with a very narrow focus places us in a unique position to deliver outcomes and solutions to meet your individual needs recognise your individual circumstances in an extremely professional but friendly manner.

Our commitments and priorities are to deliver legal services to you that are tailored to your individual circumstances and needs. In doing so we strive to meet the following key criteria:

  • Know the law

  • Communicate with you

  • Commit to excellence


Your Legal Costs

It is essential that you know in advance what your legal costs (including any out-of-pocket disbursements) are likely to be and how those costs are calculated before you engage us.

Our practice is to obtain enough information from you initially, and in advance of incurring those costs to provide you with a realistic and informed estimate of those costs before you proceed.

That estimate will be tailored to your specific needs and expectations.

Ensuring you are aware of those estimated costs before you proceed is a priority to us.

Let’s Work Together